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Embedding Your Policies

Seamlessly Integrate Your Policies: A Step-by-Step Guide for Website Embedding
Aditya Kulkarni
Updated 1 month ago

You have two options for embedding your policies:

  • Policies Dashboard: Directly from the main Policies dashboard, you'll find an embed option that allows you to seamlessly integrate your policies onto your website.

  • Individual Policy Settings: When you access the settings for a specific policy, you'll also find an embed option tailored to that particular policy.

If you're already linking to your policy pages directly on your website, embedding is not necessary. Policies linked in this way will appear seamlessly within the Preference Center.

Embedding Policies Directly from Your Dashboard

From your Policies dashboard, you can easily embed your policies onto your website. Just locate and click the "Embed" button

The screen will provide you with the necessary code to add to your website. 

You also have the option to select a default language for your policies at this stage, although users will be able to choose their preferred language later if needed.

Embedding Individual Policies

Need to display different policies on different pages? Embedding individual policies is the most convenient way to achieve this. 

Simply select the specific policy you want to embed, click on "Embed" in the left sidebar of the policy settings screen.

Copy the displayed embed code and insert it into the HTML of your webpage where you want the policy to appear.

Additionally, you can select a default language for the policy on this screen, offering flexibility for multilingual websites.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate your Secure Privacy policies directly into your website.

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