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Installing Cookie Banner Compliant with Google's EU User Consent Policy

Understand the background related to Google's EU UCP, and see how Secure Privacy's legal template makes it easier to comply
Aditya Kulkarni
Updated 8 hours ago
Since 2015, Google's EU policy has prioritized user control over their data, adhering to GDPR and ePrivacy rules by mandating clear consent for cookie/storage usage and personalized advertising.

Google's policy requires advertisers and publishers working with them to obtain specific user consents and provide clear disclosures to individuals in the EEA, UK, and Switzerland (as of July 31, 2024). Google actively monitors compliance through regular audits and collaborates with partners to ensure adherence.

Banner Requirements
  • Banner must be fully configurable from a graphical user interface 
  • CMP must offer a template which: 
    • (x) explains that data is collected for the purpose of personalizing and measuring the effectiveness of advertising ; 
    • (y) links to
    • (z) includes an affirmative consent option 
  • CMP should recommend in their user interface that clients use the template that complies with above items when enabling consent mode without TCF. 
  • Consent mode signals should correspond to the user’s consent. E.g. if user denies all consent, consent mode signals should be denied. If user grants all consent, consent mode signals should be granted. 

Enabling the EU UCP Compliant Banner in Secure Privacy
To enable the Google EU UCP banner in Secure Privacy, we have streamlined the process for our users:
  • On Domains screen, click the desired domain where you wish to enable Google EU UCP compliant banner
  • Under Domain Settings, click the Templates dropdown menu and select EU GDPR (with Google Disclaimer)
  • Save changes
The selected domain will now start showing the Google EU UCP compliant banner.

Enforcement Action
Websites that do not comply or engage with Google may face restrictions on certain advertising features. 
To restore these features, sites must implement a compliant consent notice and adjust cookie/parameter behavior to meet EU User Consent Policy standards.

Need Further Assistance?
For additional assistance, please reach out to our support team at

For any urgent or systemic escalations related to Google Consent Mode, please contact our designated point of contact: Andrew Sidorkin. We aim to address these escalations within one business day. 

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