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How to install Secure Privacy on Joomla

This guide walks you through installing our Joomla plugin.
Aditya Kulkarni
Updated 2 weeks ago

Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) used to build websites and online applications. Renowned for its flexibility and extensive customization options, Joomla has been a popular choice for creating diverse websites, from corporate portals and e-commerce platforms to community forums and non-profit organizations, since its launch in 2005.

This guide walks you through installing our Joomla plugin. 

  • New to Secure Privacy? Please follow the guide in its entirety.
  • Already onboarded with Secure Privacy? Skip to Installing Joomla Plugin.

Getting the Secure Privacy Script Code

  1. After you have activated your email address, you will be presented with a screen to choose your preferred installation method.
  2. Select Joomla
  3. Copy the script code available on the screen and save it somewhere handy.
  4. Keep this tab open and continue installing Joomla Plugin in a new tab.

Installing Joomla Plugin

  1. Download the Secure Privacy Joomla Plugin
  2. In Joomla administrator mode -- usually accessible by typing -- head over to System.
  3. On the screen that is displayed, under Install, click Extensions. You will be presented with the below screen.
  4. Click browse for file and upload the downloaded .zip file.
  5. If the installation goes well, you will see the message: Installation of the plugin was successful. Click Manage Extensions
  6. On the screen that is displayed, search for Secure Privacy and click the icon below the Status column to enable the extension. You will get a message that the extension is enabled:
  7. Go back to System menu, and click Plugins under Manage.
  8. Search for Secure Privacy using the search box provided.
  9. Click the Plugin name to configure the installation script. Paste the installation script copied from Getting the Secure Privacy Script Code section in the space provided (highlighted below):
    Note: If you are accessing this tutorial when adding a new domain from Secure Privacy Dashboard, copy the script code from the Installation screen.
  10.   You will get a message: Plugin saved.
Note - If you are referring this documentation when adding a new domain from Secure Privacy dashboard, after the above step, go back to Secure Privacy screen and click Test Installation. You should see relevant message confirming status of Joomla plugin installation for your respective domain.

Continue Secure Privacy Setup

  1. Reopen the tab with Secure Privacy onboarding.
  2. Click Test Installation
  3. You will see a toast notification in the left bottom area of the screen as below:
  4. This will confirm successful installation of Secure Privacy Joomla plugin.

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