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Implementing Google Consent Mode in Basic Mode

Out of the two approaches supported for Google Consent Mode, this tutorial helps you choose Google Consent Mode - Basic.
Aditya Kulkarni
Updated 7 hours ago

If you're curious about the difference between Basic and Advanced modes of Google Consent Mode, our support guide provides a detailed explanation.

This tutorial will focus on the Basic Mode and guide you through the simple steps to enable it.

Enabling Google Consent Mode - Basic

We have a domain framework category called "Google consent mode (basic)" to streamline the implementation of basic mode and distinguish it from other functionalities.

With this new framework, we've restored the standard way Secure Privacy blocks Google products like advertising and analytics.  This means we now effectively prevent these plugins from loading and collecting data from users who haven't given consent, satisfying a key requirement of Google Consent Mode.

The default consent status you set in your domain settings will still be respected and applied to the dataLayer window object, along with the developer ID and other relevant configurations.

Need Further Assistance?

Please reach out to our support team at

For any urgent or systemic escalations related to Google Consent Mode, please contact our designated point of contact: Andrew Sidorkin. We aim to address these escalations within one business day.
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