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How to install Secure Privacy on WordPress

This guide walks you through installing our WordPress plugin.
Aditya Kulkarni
Updated 1 week ago
WordPress is an online web publishing software used to create business portals, e-commerce stores, personal blogs and portfolio websites. Since 2003, WordPress has become one of the most popular web publishing platforms, powering nowadays more than 35% of the World Wide Web.

This guide walks you through installing our WordPress plugin in two scenarios:

Installing WordPress Plugin During Onboarding Process

  1. After you have activated your email address, you will be presented with a screen to choose your preferred installation method.

  2. Select Wordpress

  3. Complete the steps provided below in the Instructions for Adding Secure Privacy plugin in WordPress section.

  4. Click Test Installation

  5. You will see a toast notification in the left bottom area of the screen as below:

  6. This will confirm successful installation of Secure Privacy Wordpress plugin during onboarding process.

Instructions for Adding Secure Privacy Plugin in WordPress

Login into your Wordpress administration panel, locate and open Settings on the left sidebar.
Note: you need to have administrator access level to be able to modify your website Settings.

  • Download the Secure Privacy Wordpress plugin

  • Ensure that you follow this guide to install the Secure Privacy plugin in Wordpress.

  • After the plugin is successfully installed, ensure that the plugin is activated and you get a message as shown below:

  • Locate and open Secure Privacy under Settings on left sidebar as shown below

Our streamlined onboarding process is integrated directly into your CMS plugin, allowing for a seamless setup experience. Refer to our support article for detailed instructions.

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