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How to Onboard with Secure Privacy Directly from Your CMS Plugins

Onboard with Secure Privacy Directly from Your CMS Plugins
Aditya Kulkarni
Updated 2 weeks ago

Getting started with Secure Privacy is now easier with our seamless onboarding process integrated directly into your favorite CMS plugins.

You do not need to leave your CMS website – you can sign up, customize, and activate Secure Privacy within minutes, ensuring your website is compliant with global privacy laws without any hassle.

Note: Seamless onboarding is currently supported for Shopify and WordPress plugins.

New User Setup

Once the Secure Privacy plugin is successfully installed, you'll see the following screen:

New to Secure Privacy? Click Sign Up Now and you'll see this screen:

Signing up will automatically enroll you in our 30-day free trial. After completing this onboarding process, make sure to log in to the CMP console to access all the features and manage your privacy settings.

Adding Your Domains

After your account is created, you need to add your domain (where the CMP is installed) in order to start seeing Cookie Banner.

After the domain is added, you will see the below screen.

You can click Change Settings to visit the Secure Privacy CMP Console. Please use the same email address and password combination to access your settings.

Manage Your Account Settings

If you're already logged in to your Secure Privacy account through the plugin, you'll see this screen:

Select the domain where you want to display the cookie banner.

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