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Policies & User Consent

IAB TCF in 2024: Navigating Cookie Consent Complexities

Unveiling the intricacies of IAB TCF and its impact on user consent. Explore alternative approaches for achieving GDPR compliance and fostering user trust on your website in 2024.

Secure Privacy Now a Google-Certified Consent Management Platform

Explore the power of Secure Privacy's Consent Management Platform, now Google-certified for enhanced trust and user privacy. Navigate data privacy regulations while optimizing campaigns with Google Co

Digital Metrics: Website Visit, Page View, and Consent

Understand the key terms of digital marketing and web analytics: 'Website Visit', 'Page View', and 'Consent'. Learn their differences, applications, and how they improve online interactions and adhere

Ensuring Compliance with Google's EU User Consent Policy

Learn more about Google's EU User Consent Policy and how to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements. Implement proper consent mechanisms and disclosures.

Understanding the Global Privacy Control Feature in Secure Privacy

Learn about the Global Privacy Control feature in Secure Privacy, offering enhanced privacy protection and compliance with privacy regulations. Find out how GPC enhances user experience & simplifies c

Why do you need a cookie banner on your website

Prior to GDPR, you could add a banner saying, “By using website, you accept cookies”, but not anymore. Now you have to ask for consent for using personal data!

Checking the Google Consent Mode (CoMo) implementation

Learn how to check Google's consent mode implementation with Secure Privacy. Understand differences in behavior with and without consent mode, and how to test its proper functioning.

Navigating the "Laws" Page on your Domain: Understanding Compliance and Visitor Statistics

Learn to navigate the "Laws" page on your domain and understand the importance of enabling localized compliance based on user consents already provided

Navigate and Utilize Your Consent Dashboard: An In-depth Guide

Explore a detailed insight on the workings, potential and importance of a Consent Dashboard to Facilitate Digital Compliance within today's digital sphere

The"Policies" Page: A Deep Dive into Privacy and User Data Collection

Enlighten your website's users about your commitment to data privacy - provide clear information regarding your privacy policy and data collection practices.

Simplify Privacy Management with Templates: Settings explained

Learn about Secure Privacy's templates and how they streamline privacy management. Explore the components, such as coverage, language, data retention and more

Modifying Data Retention Period for Legal Templates

Discover how to modify the data retention period for legal templates in Secure Privacy. Choose options to ensure compliance with your privacy practices.