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HOW-TO perform a website rescan

Learn how to perform a website rescan on Secure Privacy to keep cookie/services blocking up-to-date. Step-by-step guide for efficient website rescanning.

How do I add a custom service/cookie?

Secure Privacy allows adding custom services / cookies to the scan report via the "Classification" tab to enable seamless blocking and accurate reporting

List of Browsers supported by Secure Privacy

Discover our list of supported browsers to fully utilize our solution. Optimized for Chrome 52+, Firefox 32+, Edge 15+ and more for seamless integration.

How do I include/exclude a specific page to the scanning list?

Detailed instructions on adding distinct pages to your website scanning list for customised analysis, including steps on navigating the dashboard and initiating rescans.

How do I trigger a website scan for an US location?

Learn how to perform a website rescan from different locations (EU & US) to enable services/cookies in privacy policy and cookie declaration. Follow our easy steps.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Explore volume discounts offered by Secure Privacy. Book a demo or call to discuss tailored quotes and see how many consents storage you need based on your domains or monthly visitors.

What is the W-8BEN and what is its purpose?

Explore the purpose of the W-8BEN form in determining taxation for foreign persons in the U.S. Also learn about its validity period and where to seek additional information

Do I need to pay for the subdomains?

Dive into the essentials of domain licensing. Learn why both a domain and a subdomain require a license due to their ability to place cookies and trackers

Do I need to block all cookies?

Essential cookies are strictly necessary for the basic functionality of your website like login or cart functions, and can not be switched off in our solution.

Where is all my data stored?

Secure Privacy owns or controls access to the infrastructure hosts Service Data submitted to the Services, Our systems for the Services are located in the EU.

Domain licensing model

​A domain and a subdomain would require a license, as they are technically often are separate domains and can place cookies and trackers individually as well.

HOW-TO: manually block cookies using Google Tag Manager

We assume that you have already created a GTM account, created a website container in GTM, and added container snippet to your website as required to continue

Why 'essential' cookies are selected by default

Under the Cookie Law and the GDPR, essential cookies and strictly necessary cookies are the same, and these necessary trackers don’t require user consent.